Inquisitor Silvanto Quin


Public Record
Born c.987.M41, Roanoke 3
Died Hiems, c.010.M42

Born on the forge world owned by the Drake family and used to produce munitions to be sold to the Imperium. Silvanto was born into the arbites rather than the factory dregs who actually produced the weaponry. Initially slowly rising through the ranks of the arbites, his career made a massive leap during the Hyniium Mines revolt when workers took up arms against the Drake Corporation. Silvanto was one of the few arbites who were willing to put down the revolt by any means necessary. After nothing short of massacre of civilians Silvanto and seven other arbites were promoted and seemingly vanished. It is presumed in the aftermath of the revolt revenge was taken upon those willing to kill the revolutionaries.

Inquisitorial Record

After being promoted in the Drake business Silvanto was used as an assassin within the Drake forge worlds to root out potential rebel leaders and silence them before another incident like the Hyniium Mines revolt from occurring again.

He also served as one of the private guards for the Meridia-Drake marriage stationed at the estate of Tyrus Drake, at the time Supreme Lord of Commerce. However, after… something happened Tyrus and Ms Meridia were dead and Lucius was the new Supreme Lord of Commerce for both companys.

Eventually the tithes for the planet of Breanna occured and some troops such as Silvanto were kept aside for extenuating circumstances. Said circumstances were them being sent off to the inquisition.

It is supposedly to show the loyalty and worth of the family. Still under investigation are several acolytes who came from the Drake family who have been in contact with their previous employers. It is unclear what these acolytes were doing but their results have given them a lot of wiggle room during the investigations.

While on an investigation into a rogue assassin Silvanto was to become infamous on Samnium for continuing his tendancies towards civilian cassualties. In as much as he couldn’t care less. Having killed five civilians for practically no reason and killing a suspect in an interrogation he was denied access to the PDF compound and had to be supervised in the governors palace. Eventually an old comrade of his, Avund would join the group in the investigation.

They continued to aid in the investigation until when following a lead they killed an Imperial Minister to gain favour with a crime syndicate to further the investigation. At this point the other acolytes turned on them. After a brief skirmish Silvanto and Avund left the planet, leaving two of the other acolytes for dead and the other two tending their wounds.

Here records diverge. It is evident that both Silvanto and Avund returned to Terra and were brought on by ordo Malleus Inquisitors but the other acolytes stated that the two had perished at their hands. Their bodies had apparently dissipated leaving only two wedding rings which were to go missing as well.

From here the two returned to Terra and were brought on by an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor as cannon fodder. What the Inquisitor wasn’t expecting was that the two would be capable of holding their own against daemons on multiple occasions. The pair went from strength to strength as Inquisitor after Inquisitor fought over who controlled the duo.

Ultimately Silvanto chose to end the charade and killed one of their leaders and frame him for heresy. He was immediately given rank of Inquisitor as he boasted an extensive record of daemonslaying.

Since then he has been an active member of the Ordo Malleus, fighting off several daemonic incursions and preventing multiple. His record is impecable and with minimal cassualties as well. His secretary is Avund is always to be found at his side fighting alongside him in any situation.

Inquisitor Silvanto Quin

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