Karpath 6319-13


In a newly bought uniform 6319-13 was to be the chauffeur for the inquisitorial cell. Now he’s stuck with them.


Born on the Drake forge world of Roanoke 3, 6319 lived the life of a common forge worker. Repetition was his life. He lived by the clock, and if he lived by it wrong he was punished. One day an admin was ill and he volunteered himself to fill the position temporarily. The fabricators of the forge didn’t care enough to deny his request.

Here he proved his skills as an administrator rather than a mindless worker. When the actual administrator returned to his job 6319 was allowed to work on as an assistant.

Although he never got an official rank within the forges administration staff he escaped the life of a factory line worker.

This was to come to a close when he was informed he had a new task to drive around some off worlders and do whatever they asked of him… he regrets never asking just how much they could ask of him.

Karpath 6319-13

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