Karroleen Sordem

Maybe dead?


Karroleen has long pink hair swept to one side, various scars across her body and stands quite imposing in both height and muscle. Her right arm is a mechanical arm of high quality and she carries a chainsword with practiced ease.


Karroleen was born on a penal world, the descendant of some criminal whose crime wasn’t quite severe enough for execution, so they were sent to this world while bureaucrats figure out what to label their crime.

Karroleen spent her life keeping her head down, while matching any challenge while the guards weren’t looking. She survived by avoiding authority and while making sure any fellow prisoner that thought to double cross her knew not to do so again. She made herself useful to various gangs whenever she needed something while distancing herself so as to appear uninvolved.

Some day after she turned 20 however she was “hired” by a cartel that needed more muscle, who played good money to smuggle her and a dozen others out of that world. Life with them wasn’t much different to the prison: respect the rules but don’t take any shit when you can get away with it. Lived a little more comfortably aboard their ship before travelling to OblonĂ© 6 where she was mostly show, some muscle and a gun is usually enough to deter most after all.

It was during a job however that it went downhill. A simple deal turned into a shitshow when Arbites showed up, armed to the teeth. Karroleen took more than a few down before realising that everyone else had fled, whereupon she was outnumbered, beaten and chained.

It was in the slave market that she was found by Ventium, chained up and with a malformed arm the Arbites gave her once they pinned her down. And now she has been assigned as a slave/bodyguard/specialist? Her group is one that is nothing like the cartel or the gangs of the penal world, consisting of a Captain who the others don’t treat as a Captain; an Arbites who was really excited about beating my slavers despite the fact that they were also Arbites; a techpriest who was very insistent that they were a Doctor and wanted to talk to other tech priests about drug manufacturing; a man who appears normal compared to the others but is pale, gaunt and constantly has a mask hiding a better half of his face; a priest who the others treat as a sadistic child with a flamethrower and a dead psyker who acted as their sniper.

“What kind of people just bought me?”

Karroleen Sordem

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