Lord-Captain Ventium Harlocke


Public Record
Born c.983.M41, Samnium

Ventium Harlocke was born into one of the noble bloodlines of Samnium but under his father Ramalies the family fortunes declined rapidly. In a political battle for the position of Governor the Harlocke supporters were silenced in various ways. Without any support the family ceased to be one of nobility and the children sought any government position they could find while their fathers debts mounted.

Ventium was offered a job by the new Governor Tiberius Aureus as an equerry. In this position Ventium made contacts amongst the remaining noble lines, rogue traders and even organised crime syndicates.

The last time he had any contact with his family was upon the death of his father when the children agreed to collectively pay off his debts. Ventium never knew his mother as she died early into his childhood. He was the youngest child of three. His older brother Sabbanth took up the mantle as leader of the family and set off with the remnants of their fleet as a Rogue Trader dynasty. His sister Lucindia became a cleric of the ecclesiarchy.

During his time as equerry Ventium became involved in an inquisitorial investigation into the murders of many staff close to the current governor. With little success. The governor’s staff were assassinated in succession ultimately culminating in the governor’s death. Only the acolyte Silvanto had made progress towards finding the killers but was forced to leave the investigation when his methods became too hardline for the other acolytes to stomach.

After the governor’s death the acolytes returned to Inquisitor Caius, Ventium quickly excused himself and returned to Samnium to run an unsuccessful campaign to become governor. His dreams of domestic politics shattered around him he once again took his post as equerry.

Ventium soon came to realise his brother was right and that their family shouldn’t have abandoned their birthright as Rogue Traders. After making inroads in AureusCorp, Ventium contacted his brother offering him money in return for the right to join him as a Rogue Trader. When Sabbanth arrived Ventium took as much money from AureusCorp as he could and fled the planet to join his brother in traversing the stars in search of glory and wealth.

Lord-Captain Ventium Harlocke

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