Heretic Hunt

Gordon's Thoughts - 6

The End Draws Near

Living in the vents has been a much more comfortable affair than I had imagined. A bit cramped but Sashan has made it much more liveable and I’m eating much better than I expected thanks to his efforts. Not to mention that having Ventium’s schedule lets me make use of his shower and extensive range of cleaning products.

That’s the upside, everything else has been a bitter disappointment. Karroleen has been taken away by Silvanto. Presumed dead but I’m not so certain, seems wasteful even for him. Kolden is working for Silvanto. I am very disappointed in her. I must give her some credit; her records were better put together than Perrin’s. I was hoping to have her dealt with but she’s nowhere to be found. In retrospect, I should have cut the bitch down when she was focused on the safe. Nothing terrible much of value has been lost anyway, they already think I’m a heretic and they are such monsters it should be no surprise that people are plotting to murder them, I’m just better at it.

Backup has arrived and it is none other than Inquisitor Drake himself. He’s brought a small retinue with him, one of which will be joining us. A psyker. A zealot psyker. Of course. At least she seems competent, she finished putting together the daemon’s true name and she’s specialised in destroying the corrupt so with any luck she will purge these monsters. If she is competent and consistent though, well that’s still a problem for me. I’ll have to be careful, I don’t want to end up on the purge list.

Noctine tried his best to rally Ventium but the coward went on about how it’s not the right time and so on. Why don’t you just surrender the ship Ventium, it sure as warp isn’t yours anymore. Not that it’ll be yours much longer in any case, your end is near as well. In fact, all of this is drawing to a close. I haven’t actually considered what to do when all of this is over. I guess I’ll try and throw in my lot with the Inquisition, seems like the only place my knowledge would see use and not get me killed. Also, can’t get much higher on the ladder than Inquisitor. I don’t know. Depending on how things turn out I might join the Harlocke fleet under Sabanth, I always did want my own ship and I can’t imagine a better commander than Sabanth. I suppose it’s useless to speculate when the future is so uncertain.


Christian1771 Sabda

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