Heretic Hunt

Mok Frakka 1

Now this is a job

Xeno’s! Finally some thing mok could shoot. Mok worried that all his months Stowing away in the under decks may have may have made him rusty. But he was wrong he decided as he ran about the blast resisting a look at the bright light of it he liked his eyes unbrunt. As he came to the corner an monster with a face of green flame burst though a doorway. Moks Feral world reactions kicked in and he leaped into a tight back flip landing low and Las pistols raised he smiled and let loose with the triggers. Hash colored Streaks Materialized across the gap between him and the monster he never saw if he hit Mok was already looking to move knowing movement was life in close encounters.

Before he knew it the monster was trying to surrender mok looked to where the others had gone while covering the monster to his left he saw a badly injured mouse bank missing a leg in fact. Caroleen look bad and bleeding badly. But most importantly in the center of them was a badly injured eldar that looked like it was in charge.

The monster was asking the wrong people and no one was to be spared which suited mok fine.
Mok then helped rush the injured to the med bay. That was when Caroleen went missing little digging later it looked like the cat might have been out the bag for Gordon and he was killed. mok wondered if he was on too a looser here with this lot But he had lived through worse right?


Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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