Heretic Hunt

Mok Frakka Log 2

Mouse tank

Paper pushers……… It was something mok had never Savored him self. sitting with their scribbley pens and tippy tap keyboards sounded like a bad way to pay reverence to the skygod. He had until this point had very little to with Mouse bank until today he unwittingly got involed……

When the tech priest asked for help he didn’t really have an excuse not too so he tagged along. He followed the tech priest though many corridors until they found there prize. It appeared to be to be some sort of tank tracks for a small tank presumably. Mok first wondered as to why the tech priest needed them…. but tech priests had there reason much like he had his. so he help the man with his comrade with them all the same. Mok didn’t find out till the next morning.

Mok was enjoying a caffeine on working side of the communal bar when the ruckus started. As he leaned on the bar he heard the raised voice of badly injured mouse bank and the louder but mono tone stable pitch of the tech priest. the tech priest retreated though the door quickly and was followed by a now tracked mouse bank. Mok started wide eyed as mouse bank new on his new leg- …….. wheels gunned to hard and managed to do an almost 360 standing flip and land on his face. Coffee sprayed out of moks mouth as he began too laugh out loud. Mok then managed to get coffee all over the bar as he tried to pour another while laughing.

Mok retreated to his room to let that one play out by his self and chuckled quietly to him self as he cleaned his guns. The humor left him as he considered his gun selection and how poor is was. HMMMM he thought how an i going to fix this problem.


Christian1771 DestructorPhish

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